Crafstmanship Story


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Although RUOSH as a brand is new, it comes with a rich history of shoemaking experience. We have been in the business of making shoes for discerning customers for a long time. Our shoes are infused with this tradition and the experience that we have gathered over time. Master craftsmen breathe life into every shoe that bears the RUOSH logo.

We strive to maintain that perfect symphony between modern techniques in shoemaking and the traditional finesse of handcrafting shoes. In fact, our moccasins are still hand stitched in the traditional way.

Our attention to detail is one of the reasons that RUOSH shoes surpass expectations in quality for both raw materials as well as finish. It fills us with pride that every shoe that sits in our stores is of unmatched quality. And with the right attention and a little care, you can enjoy your pair of RUOSH shoes for a very long time.

The creative journey ignites from every art that inspires. World cinema, music, architecture, pop sub-culture are only a handful exemplar sources.

Design Concept
Inspiration personifies as designers explore their creativity with mood boards and sketches. Generally, only one in four design concepts make it to the next stage.

Last Development
Last is the heart and soul of a shoe. It’s the foundation determining the shoe’s fit and comfort. It can take as long as 8 weeks or more to create a single last.

Leather Selection and Clicking
The leather for the shoe is hand selected.The art cutting leather for various components is known as clicking, due to the noise made by the knife.

Broguing is a traditional technique of hand punching holes into the upper to create designs. Often used in traditional English and Italian oxfords, this technique has now crossed over to contemporary styles in shoes.

Thin strips of leather handwoven into a texture that cannot be replicated by printed or embossed leather. Weaving a single mat can take up to 2 days.

The different pieces of leather cut from the patterns are meticulously stitched together, adhering to every design specification.

The upper, last and sole joined together by stretching the leather using heat and moisture till the fit is perfect. The toe shape is then created and the leather smoothened.

The bare leather is brushed, sole edge stained, leather creams are applied for nourishment. Using a combination of polishes and waxes, every shoe is buffed and polished painstakingly to get that perfect lustrous shine.

The Shoe
Perfection! A pair of shoes made with soul and expert craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy wearing RUOSH shoes as much as we enjoyed bringing you our labour of love.