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A refined, well-dressed look is complete only when shoes receive the respect and care they deserve.
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Coloured shoe cream

Available in Three Shades
  • Black
  • Light Brown
  • Neutral: For any shade except Black, Brown and Tan
  • Provides colour, shine and nourishment to leather
Important Notes
  • It is recommended not to use lumps of polish. Instead, apply a thin, even coat.
  • Do not use on Suede and Nubuck, Patent/ Brush Off, Oil pull up & Non leather shoes.
  • When used for two tone finishes ( Black or Tan), the leather's colour may darken temporarily, slowly retreating to its original shade on usage.

Shoe nourishment cream

  • Easy-to-spread cream
  • Available in 'Neutral' shade
  • Moisturizes and conditions from within
  • Provides shine and nourishment to leather
  • Soaks into the leather and allows it to breathe
Important Notes
  • Do not use on Suede and Nubuck, Patent/ Brush Off, Oil pull up & Non leather shoes

Shoe Brush

  • RUOSH Shoe Brush is made from authentic horse hair
  • Set in a sturdy wooden handle
  • Its soft bristles are gentle on the leather
  • Brushes the surface without scratches
Important Notes
  • Recommended usage of separate brushes for shoes of different colours.
  • Always store with bristles facing up.

Shoe Tree

  • RUOSH Shoe Tree is made from premium cedar wood
  • Available in three sizes, suitable for different shoe sizes
    Small: 39 to 41
    Medium: 42 to 43
    Large: 44 to 45
  • Consists of springs that enable it to compress and take shape of the shoe
  • Smoothens creases from surface of leather
  • Cedar wood absorbs moisture
  • Reduces odour from shoes
  • Retains original shape of the shoe
Important Notes
  • For a snug fit, check the size before buying

Shoe Horn

  • Made from steam beach wood
  • Made with a sleek design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Convenient due to the length of the shoe horn
  • Provides a smooth surface for the heel to slide in
  • Helps you wear shoes with an ease
  • Protects the back of the shoe
Important Notes
  • To preserve the shape of the shoe, always place it at the back
    of the shoe while sliding your feet in.